Pure Groove Write Up in DJ Mag

Pure Groove Write Up in DJ Mag

“Some people may not get excited by club speakers; after all they are just a stack of black boxes in the corner making a noise. However, for some — including us! — a club speaker system sometimes can be the ultimate source of sexy.

The pure sounds that emanate from these well-crafted cabinets are known to make people… well, very excited indeed. Hence DJ Mag has been invited to share in such excitement. So off we trot to the inaugural Mutiny Festival in Chichester to experience a whole new dimension in soundsystem design.

Pure Groove Sound Systems is a new name to the market, plying their trade out of the US, but now emerging onto the UK and European markets. Headed up by a former NASA Director of Electroacoustic Research and a bunch of dance music enthusiasts, they have come up with a different approach when it comes to the delivery of sound in a club, event or festival environment.”

To read the rest of the article head over to DJ Mag’s website. Thanks for featuring us!


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