PGJ94 Loudspeaker

A unique combination of 18 drivers produce outstanding power, precision and clarity.

A 90 by 40 degree arrayable 140 dB Box that excels in any large venue or outdoor event. With integrated fly track, the PG-J94 can be easily flown or stacked in minimum time, for maximum performance, making it the perfect speaker for touring or install. The PG-J94 can be paired with either the DBH218, or the BC218 subwoofers for phenomenal performance in any environment.

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Product Description


Coverage Pattern90 Horizontal x 40 Vertical
Operating Frequency Range43 Hz – 20 kHz
Continuous OutputBand dependent, 150 dB SPL
Peak OutputBand dependent >150 dB SPL
Sensitivity112 dB SPL average, (2.38 volts into rated Z at 1 meter)
Driver ComplementSix x 12″ woofers, eight x 6.5″mids, 4 x 1.4” exit 3” diaphragm HF with Sentinel protection
Dimensions48 x 36 x 30 inches
Weight420 Lbs
Rated ImpedanceLow Freq -Two 3 ohm loads, Mid range - a single 4 ohm load, High - a single 4 ohm load


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