J4-31 Jericho Horn

Super high frequency Horn!

The J4-31 is the evolution of technology here @ Danley Sound Labs. Boasting a whopping 64 drivers, the J4-31 will get the highs to your audience over the longest distances and in the most demanding environments!

The J4 is the latest member of the “Jericho Horn” product line used for high frequency reinforcement. Utilizing 64 compression drivers firing into a Synergy Horn, the J4 brings the ability to produce extreme directivity with high output and fidelity to extreme distances. When used with any of our full range systems, the J4 is simply awesome in any arena, stadium or festival environment.



Coverage Pattern30 deg horz by 10 deg vertical
Operating Frequency Range600 Hz - 12 KHz | Recommend high pass 3KHz
Continuous Output148 dB Spl
Peak Output153 dB SPL
Sensitivity115 dB SPL 1w/1m
Driver Complement64 compression drivers
Weight487 Lbs
Rated Impedance4 X 16 ohms
Power Rating4 X 800 W continuous, 4 X 3200W Peak

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