DTS20 Subwoofer

The DTS20, a.k.a. “Tower of Power”, is simply the most powerful, lowest frequency reproducing subwoofer on the planet

Solid output down to 16 Hz, single digit distortion and incomparably low group delay put this amazing subwoofer in a class by itself. The DTS20 is the perfect choice for ultra high-end home theatres, industrial/ military/research facilities, commercial cinemas, mastering facilities, electronic organ reproduction, and commercial surround sound recording/playback. The DTS20 Tower of Power has removable covers that allow two different options for the location of the acoustical output which will be based on the installation orientation you choose.



Operating Frequency Range18 Hz- 100 Hz -3dB | 16 Hz -10dB
Continuous Output122 dB SPL
Peak Output128 dB SPL
Sensitivity95 dB SPL (2.83 Volts into rated Z, at 1 meter) measured in half space
Driver Complementone 12" long excursion woofer
Dimensions87.5 x 18 x 20 inches
Weight220 lbs
Rated Impedance8 Ohms
Power Rating500 W continuous, 1000 W program

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