BC415 Horn

A New Kind of Subwoofer

The BC415 is another unique subwoofer alignment from Danley Sound Labs. Using four 15” woofers combining into a single exit provides the most punch and extension out of a single cabinet that Danley currently offers. Due to the physical size of the BC design’s center exit the boundary exhibits forward directivity which can be increased when used in stacking multiple enclosures.

Available with either 8 or 4 ohm drivers. In either case you can switch between 4 individual drivers or two pairs.

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Operating Frequency Range33 Hz - 200Hz -3dB | 28Hz - >200 Hz -10 dB
Continuous Output148 dB SPL @ 87 Hz
Peak Output154 dB SPL @ 87 Hz
Sensitivity114 dB SPL referenced to 2.83 V @ 1 meter measured half space as 28.3 V at 10 meters, using 4 ohm drivers
Driver ComplementFour 15" Long Excursion Woofers
Dimensions60" X 60" X 26"
Weight500 Lbs
Rated Impedance2 X 2 Ohms, or 4X 4 Ohms
Power Rating6800 W continuous, 27000W peak

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